Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp surprised California Disneyland visitors of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride on Wednesday evening. Depp appeared dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow during the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, interacting with passengers of the ride and speaking with fans outside of the ride. Stunned visitors could not believe that it was the real life Captain Jack Sparrow acting with the regular animatronic pirates. In one fan-shot video you can see Depp break character to assure passengers that it was indeed the real Johnny Depp.

53 year-old Depp was there to promote the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales, which opens next month and is the fifth movie in the series. People Magazine Notes that this is not the first time that Depp has gotten into the Captain Jack Sparrow costume off-screen. Depp visited Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane, Australia, while filming Dead Men Tell No Tales in 2015 where he talked with the children who are in the hospital and tried to spend as much time with each child that he could. Depp got into the costume again in 2016 to visit the children in London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital for Christmas. Depp's daughter had previously been treated for renal failure in 2007 at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and it's clear that the hospital is a special place for the actor.

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It is evident that Depp likes to portray Captain Jack Sparrow as he does not seem like the type of actor to do projects that he does not want to do. Regardless of why Depp keeps coming back, one thing is clear: Depp is having fun playing a drunken pirate loosely based off of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Depp even persuaded Richards to act in two of the films as Captain Teague, father of Captain Jack Sparrow. Another thing Depp seems to enjoy is making people, specifically children, happy and who can fault that?

Depp has been in the news a lot lately, most recently for the cost of Hunter S. Thompson's funeral. Depp and Thompson were close friends from when Depp portrayed Thompson in the big screen adaptation of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It's no secret that Thompson was a bit eccentric, to say the least, and he had a rather bombastic idea of what to do with his ashes after he passed away. In addition to paying $3 million dollars for the funeral, Depp paid an additional $2 million dollars to have a 153-foot monument/cannon with Thompson's famous two thumbed fist logo at the top. Thompson's ashes were then fired from the cannon, spreading his ashes around his home in Woody Creek, Colorado at the end of the funeral.

Although not critically acclaimed by any means, the Pirates franchise has gone on to earn nearly $4 billion dollars worldwide. The franchise is based off of the Disneyland attraction that first opened in 1967 and was the last construction overseen by Walt Disney before he died. Pirates 5 opens on May 26th, 2017 in theaters everywhere.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
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