Johnny Depp is gearing up to take on one of the most challenging roles in his career. According to Variety, the very talent actor is in advanced negotiations to play the real life Pancho Villa in Serbian director Emir Kusturica's upcoming biopic Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman With Six Fingers.

Salma Hayek is also set to appear in the project. Kusturica co-wrote the film with his screenwriting partner Gordan Mihic. The drama, which revolves around an early 20th Century bandit who became a guerilla fighter and hero to the poor, will have Depp acting in Spanish. The story will be based on the biographical novel 'The Friends of Pancho Villa', which was written by James Carlos Blake and recounts how Villa and his loyal companions had the time of their lives robbing from the rich, partying, dancing, drinking Tequila, and making love.

The film won't begin shooting until 2011 due to Depp's prior acting commitments.