During the recent "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" press conference in the Bahamas (full MovieWeb report coming soon), Johnny Depp, who reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the films, talked to SciFi Wire about the latest happenings revolving around the production. Apparently, Rolling Stone guitar player, Keith Richards, who will play Jack Sparow's father in the film, is still hashing out his schedule to be able to take on the role. Depp seems optimistic...

"It looks like it's going to happen," Depp told reporters at a news conference in Nassau, Bahamas, where the films are shooting. "But I don't know when. It's all going to depend on where we are and where he is, because he's got a little thing called the Rolling Stones tour to do." RELATED: Johnny Depp Channels Captain Jack Sparrow for Young Pirates of the Caribbean Fan

Depp also confirmed that the first sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, took an early hiatus because a key cast member fell ill. "We've been shooting Pirates 2 for, well, it's been a few months ... now," Depp said on June 26. "And we had a hiatus that was planned; actually, probably it was supposed to start ... tomorrow or the next day. And we went into the hiatus a bit early, because there were bits that we were going to shoot up in Grand Bahama [for which] sets and stuff weren't ready. But more than that, one of ... our actors, one of our main guys, Kevin McNally, who plays Gibbs, ended up with a really nasty ear infection in both ears, and he was in England and ... was unable to get on a plane. So they just weighed out all the options and said, 'We'll just break now. Go on hiatus. And when we start up again, we'll finish up the bit from 2.'"

Stay tuned for MovieWeb's full coverage from the Bahamas where we sat down with Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and a ton of others to talk "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

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