Earlier this year, Johnny Depp got married to actress Amber Heard, and while some couples may still be in their "honeymoon" phase after a few months, Johnny Depp has skipped right ahead to the "pranking your wife" stage of their relationship. Entertainment Tonight has debuted a new video from the Velocity TV series Overhaulin, which teamed up with Johnny Depp for an epic prank, where they convinced his wife that her beloved 1968 Mustang was stolen. As it turns out, the car wasn't stolen at all, but was fully restored by the Overhaulin team.

The actress has had the car for eight years, which she described as a "beautiful piece of junk," and she also revealed that the car actually caused quite a bit of financial problems for her when she was just starting out in Hollywood. Despite being stolen twice, she still hung on to it for all of these years, and as a part of Overhaulin's final episodes, ending a nine-season run, they helped Johnny Depp pull off this prank, along with Amber Heard's father. To get fans ready for the episode, Entertainment Tonight debuted a video where host Chris Jacobs describes working with Johnny Depp on the prank, and we also have two clips from Velocity, where we see how the actress found out she was being pranked, and where she gets to see her fully-restored car for the first time.

To pull of this prank, Chris Jacobs and legendary car designer Chip Foose portrayed a pair of star-struck cops, who are too busy taking selfies tho try and get her stolen car back. Johnny Depp himself played the "inside man," admitting in these videos that it was hard to keep this prank a secret from his wife. Chris Jacobs reveals that he loved working with Johnny Depp because he is such a down-to-Earth guy, and that he loved the creative process.

Overhaulin debuted in 2004. This special episode featuring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard airs Wednesday, November 4 on the Velocity channel, as one of its final episodes. The show has always engaged human stories and the strong emotional connection between man and machine, with the hosts surprising unsuspecting owners with gorgeous, restored vehicles. While it remains to be seen what's next for Chris Jacobs, Chip Foose and the rest of the Overhaulin team, these final episodes will surely close out the series on the right now.

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes video featuring interviews with Chris Jacobs, along with two clips that show Amber Heard going from annoyed to overjoyed in a matter of minutes. What do you think about Johnny Depp's prank on his new wife Amber Heard? Would you like to see a celebrity-themed car restoration show? Let us know what you think, and be sure to tune in to one of Overhaulin's final episodes on November 4 to see how this entire prank unfolded.