Dick Wolf is teaming with Disturbia director D.J. Caruso and screenwriter J.H. Wyman to mount an ambitious comicbook-style drama that will use the same greens creen technology utilized in the hit movie 300, according to Variety.

The trio are putting together a series based on Johnny Dynamite, the graphic novel character from Road to Perdition creator Max Allan Collins. In the TV version, ex-cop Dynamite travels to Las Vegas in search of his missing girlfriend, only to discover that Satan is living there, buying and selling souls.

The skein will have a bit of a procedural element as Dynamite ends up getting involved in the lives of those unfortunate souls who've been touched by the devil. A continuing theme of the series will be Dynamite's search for his girlfriend.

Caruso is attached to direct the pilot, with Wyman (Keen Eddie) writing the script.

If it the series gets picked up by a network, the Johnny Dynamite project promises to be the first 100% green screen drama on network television. The plan is to film the entire show on soundstages, much like 300.