According to The Hollywood Reporter Craig Robinson, Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville and Camilla Belle are joining Kevin Spacey in Father of Invention.

Spacey is producing the film via his Trigger Street Production company.

The story shows what happens when a simple inventor (Spacey) becomes a millionaire. Things get interesting when he gets eight years in prison for inventing something bad. When he gets out of jail he plans to get back to the top of his field, but he finds that his family is falling apart.

Craig Robinson will be the husband of the Spacey's ex-wife. Robinson's character now lives in his house but he helps Spacey out upon his release from prison.

Belle will play the daughter of Spacey's character. Heather Graham will be her lesbian roommate who has a liaison with her father. Johnny Knoxville gives Spacey a job when he leaves the big house.