Broken Lizard's own Paul Soter is looking to cast Johnny Knoxville in his upcoming zombie thriller, which is currently untitled. At least, that is, according to MTV.

The film is a decided change of pace for Soter, a filmmaker best known for his comedies. "[It's] not a comedy at all. It's a horror thriller," he said of the new rabid dog picture. "I've always wanted to make some contribution to the zombie genre and this is a different way to do that."

Speaking about the plot, Soter stated, "It's about a small Colorado town and there's a forest fire nearby and it ignites these lost barrels of toxic who knows what. It blows this toxic ash into town and makes all the dogs go apeshit. The lead guy is in a custody battle for his son and has him for the weekend. He's a firefighter and drops off his son at school and goes into town to fight the fire when he realizes what's going on. So he's on one side of town. His eight-year-old boy is on the other side of town. He's got to get through this army of rabid dogs to get his son."

Its not known if Knoxville will actually appear in the film, but the actor has shown some interest.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange