LA.P.I.: According to Production Weekly, Johnny Knoxville has been tipped to star in LA.P.I. for Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) who will make his directing debut on his noir drama script formally known as "You'll Never Die In This Town Again."

Hugh Grant and Benecio Del Toro have also been mentioned taking part in the production that's set to begin a seven week shoot later this month in Los Angeles.

The story focuses on Harry Lockhart and Harmony Faith Lane, two likable kooks who knew each other in childhood. Crossing paths once again as struggling actors in Hollywood, they become reunited at a Hollywood party. It's clear the sparks between them are going to get ignited this time around. Believing Harry is a detective, she hires him to solve her sister's murder case, but things soon get dicey, deceitful, and downright daunting. they become involved in a murder case filled with twists, turns, deception, betrayal, and most importantly, romance.