MovieWeb announces a GREAT new way to buy DVDs!

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The MovieWeb DVD Buyer's Club allows members to purchase all their DVDs at MovieWeb's WHOLESALE COST on the items! This means that our members will always get the best prices...on ALL titles... not just on the new releases and promotional titles, but on ALL items, including box sets and hard-to-find items!

Try us out! We'll bet you won't find better prices!

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Movie PictureMovie PictureMovie Picture Why did MovieWeb launch the DVD BUYER'S CLUB?

We know that the people who visit and read MovieWeb are avid movie fans. We also know that our audience buys a TON of DVDs. So, we asked you how we could help...

You told us "Help us buy DVDs CHEAPER!"

So, we've created a club for our audience that allows our members to buy ALL their DVDs at our "Buyer's Club Price" (which is, essentially, our COST on the items from our wholesale suppliers). That's right! You can buy your DVDs from MovieWeb AT OUR many DVDs as you want, whenever you want! With our DVD Buyer's Club you'll always have the best price.

How does it work?

SImple. Just sign up as a DVD Buyer's Club member. Once you've selected a plan and made your first membership payment, you can start buying as many DVDs as you'd like, whenever you want, AT OUR WHOLESALE COST! You can continue buying DVDs at these great club prices as long as you're a member.


Wholesale cost is up to 50% cheaper then retail market prices! This means, no matter where you go, you will not find cheaper DVD prices. The more DVDs you choose to take home, the more money you save! Generally, depending on whether you buy single DVDs, box-sets, TV shows on DVD, you can save, on average around $1.00-$10.00 on most regular single DVDs. And some box sets, you'll see you can save well over $50 on each set!

If you look at any DVD page on the site, you'll see the RETAIL PRICE, the STANDARD PRICE (that is the price if you just come to the site and purchase the item without becoming a club member) and the BUYER'S CLUB PRICE. The saving will be listed within this information.

What about Shipping?

We ship your items out within 2 business days -- via USPS Media Mail. You can expect to receive your orders within 2-9 postal business days after we ship.

What titles can we buy?

We carry nearly 50,000 DVDs that are IN-STOCK and READY-TO-SHIP. If you can't find it in our selection, you'll probably not find it anywhere!

How do we pay?

We use a PayPal shopping cart. What this means is that whether or not you're a PayPal member, you can use ANY MAJOR CREDIT / DEBIT CARD for your purchase. Additionally, you can purchase using your PayPal account (if you are a PayPal member).

What are the benefits to joining the DVD Buyer's Club?

*Value: You'll always get a great price on ALL DVD items we sell!

* Convenience: You'll be able to browse and purchase day or night and choose from nearly one of the largest DVD selections anywhere!

* Choice: We have all the hard to find titles and all the bestsellers. We're also continually adding new titles.

How much does it cost?

We have both MONTHLY and ANNUAL plans available. The monthly plan is $14.95. The annual plan is $199.00. Our ANNUAL subscribers will also get complete LOSS/DAMAGE protection on their purchases to cover their item en route to them!*

Beyond the subscription price, you'll pay for each item you purchase... AT OUR WHOLESALE COST and the shipping charge for shipping via USPS Media Mail. Movie PictureMovie PictureMovie PictureCLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY!