Heads are officially rolling this weekend as Eli Roth's follow-up to his 2006 horror hit comes to theaters, and we all know Mr. Roth definitely knows his stuff when it comes to throwing back to an old school horror style of the 80s (always show boobs in 'R' rated horror flicks!)...but does the second time around have the same impact? Or are you just sick of this style hack/slash horror movie now?

Did Hostel: Part II do it for you? Did you love the gore? Did you love the characters? What about the character three-sixties that took place? Are you gearing up to get a bloodhound tattoo anytime soon? Did the film meet your expectations?

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What about all of you people that hated the film? Why? You knew going in exactly what it would be? Are you glad that someone finally chopped up Bijou Phillips? Did you expect Heather Matarazzo to do what she did? I mean, come on, she will always be Weinerdog, right? Did the movie change your ideas about her as an actor?

Do you like hard cider? Do you like naked models? Tell us what you truly think. We want to know, and so does everybody else. Maybe you saw Ocean's Thirteen instead. Heck, you can tell us about that too. Don't be shy.