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We're looking for some people to help run this massive website! The only requirements we are interested in is that you can write well, and that you are heavily dedicated to helping keep Lights Out in the top ranks of movie sites. Movie geeks and freaks, now is your chance to become involved in the movie industry and make a name for yourself! Lights Out can provide a ton of opportunities that are not available anywhere else.

While all of these positions are UNPAID you will find that being part of a movie website has great benefits that make your work worth while. Once again, we want movie people running this site, true fans of the medium. And being part of the team is easy to! Every updateable section of this site has a creative administration section which allows for easy updating of EVERYTHING! No HTML, code, or any other technical experience required! Updating Lights Out is as easy as writing an e-mail.

If you're interested in any position here at Lights Out, please click the appropriate link next to the position. If you're interested in more then one position at the site, please just state so in your e-mail to us.

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When sending in your inquiry to us, please include ALL of the following information:
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- Your Name

- Your Age

- City, State you live in (and country if outside the US)

- A small statement about your dedication level, whatever it may be

All e-mails regarding positions at the site MUST accompany WRITING SAMPLES so that we can get a taste of how you write! Please send the writing sample for whatever position your inquiring about, or something comparable.

Here's the list of people we're looking for....No matter what you're interested in, each job has it's rewards.

Press Interviewers

Live in LOS ANGELES or NEW YORK CITY? Got some journalistic enthusiasm? We've got a very unique opportunity for people interested in attending screenings of films, attending press junkets, attending red carpet premieres, and interviewing stars. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE! The work you do within this realm is a direct reflection on our relationship with the major motion picture studios. We can get you in, it's up to you to do the rest and report back!

E-mail: [email protected] Subject: PressMovie Picture

Current Movie New Editors

We're looking for people to scan the internet, magazines, and anywhere else that's a feasible source for movie news to post news scoops on the site. This news hits the front page and is our main source for everything that's going in in the movie world. THIS POSITION REQUIRES HEAVY DEDICATION as we want to be on top of all of the latest stories.

E-mail: [email protected] Subject: Movie News EditorMovie PictureMovie Vault Management

In case you haven't noticed, our Movie Vault is rapidly growing day by day. Plotlines, release dates, titles, cast and crew lists, and a million other details are changing every day and we need to keep our Movie Vault updated with this information. It's easier then you think with our administration! Add movies to the database, edit movies...etc.

E-mail: [email protected] Subject: Movie VaultMovie PictureDVD News / Rumors Editors

Just the same as the Movie News Editors we're looking for, we're also looking for some DVD freaks to constantly update our DVD Dungeon with the latest DVD news and rumors! DVD news isn't as extensive as the regular movie news is, but our goal is to stay on top of the latest happenings surrounding the DVD world.

E-mail: [email protected] Subject: DVD News EditorMovie PictureFilm Critics

Go to the movies often? Sick of the way movies are reviewed on the internet or anywhere else for that matter? Wanna make a name for yourself as a true film critic? Now's your chance. We're looking for some unique writers of ALL styles to review current theatrical releases as they come out. Do enough reviews and we can make you official, get you more exposure, and who knows...maybe one day you'll be writing reviews for money!

LA, NYC, and Sydney, Australia critics will have a chance to attend screenings.

E-mail: [email protected] Subject: Movie ReviewsMovie PictureDVD Critics

We're also looking for some unique DVD reviewers. Are you a DVD nut? Got tons in your collection? Buy the latest release when they come out? Want your opinion heard? Now is your chance! We're looking for some unique writers of ALL styles to review DVDs as they come out, as well as past releases as well!

E-mail: [email protected] Subject: DVD Reviews

(ANIME PROS! Our anime coverage is also ever increasing. If you're a total anime pro and want to review anime DVDs for the site, let us know!)Movie PictureDVD Easter Eggers

Continuing on the DVD maniac theme, if you're an all out DVD person you definitely know about DVD easter eggs as well! Our easter egg database is growing to be one of the best sources on the net for finding those hidden secrets on DVDs, BUT there's still so much out there to be listed! We need help listing easter eggs of all kinds! If you're interested, e-mail below!

E-mail: [email protected] Subject: Easter Eggs

Webmasters! Do you have a movie site that you have found overwhelming to keep updated as the big sites do? Trust us, we know. How about merging your site with ours? Join forces with a site that has every avenue available for you to do what you never thought you could.

Please, if you know anyone interested in being involved, send them a link!

Thanks for your interest, and we're excited to hear from you!


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