Zazie Beetz doesn't think Joker 2 is something that needs to happen. The actress was interviewed last night on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Joker was nominated for a total of eleven Oscars and took home two. The movie won for Best Score and Joaquin Phoenix took home the Best Actor award, which was his first-ever win. With all of the success and accolades, many have thought that a sequel would be a no-brainer. It was made for $62.5 million and grossed over $1 billion globally, so it definitely makes sense from a monetary point of view.

Joker director Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have both publicly discussed the possibility of a sequel. Phoenix wanted to make one while they were still shooting the first installment and even pitched ideas to the director while on set. Phillips has said that they could do Joker 2, but the circumstances would have to be just right in order for it to happen again. As for Zazie Beetz, she doesn't think they really need to go there. "Ah, I don't know. I don't know if it needs one. I think there is a lot of strength in not milking something," Beetz said.

Zazie Beetz seemed to echo those thoughts of many. Joker was able to capture something special at the right time. Plus, it had all of the mystery surrounding the comic book aspect of the movie. Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix warned from the start that the movie was not going to be a traditional comic book movie in any way. But, it all ended up working out way better than anyone could have ever imagined, including Phillips.

If Joker 2 is going to be made, Zazie Beetz believes that Todd Phillips will be the man for the job. She says, "Honestly, I feel like Todd would be the person to be able to do that tastefully, I think if he felt it needed one. I really trust him. He's really creative and smart - so sure!" Phillips may consider doing it, but a Joker sequel doesn't seem like it's in the cards at the moment. With that being said, he did pitch a whole set of ideas to DC and Warner Bros. involving other standalone villain stories, so maybe he can do that with a new cast.

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There are still many mysteries surrounding the Joker storyline, which is a part of the movie's charm. Answering everything could end up ruining what makes the original so good. Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips enjoy that the movie is open to interpretation and that there are theories and speculation about the life of Arthur Fleck. Is he really the Joker, or is it all in his head? We may never know the definitive answer, and that's ok. But, money is money, and one could see the studio championing a sequel. You can watch the interview with Zazie Beetz below, thanks to the MTV News Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick