Warner Bros. has revealed the release date for the home video release of Joker in a tweet posted to the movie's official Twitter account. Still playing in theaters, the hit movie from director Todd Phillips has become one of the most successful movies of all time since its theatrical release in October, and you can have a physical copy in your hands in just over a month. Now available for pre-order, the 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD will be released on Jan. 7, 2020. The digital version will be here a bit sooner on Dec. 17.

According to the Amazon listing, the home video release of Joker will also include the following featurettes in its bonus features: "Becoming Joker," "Joker: A Chronicle of Chaos," "Joker: Vision & Fury," and "Please Welcome... Joker!" Deleted scenes aren't included on the listing, which may not be surprising, as Phillips has already made it clear he doesn't "do" them and has no plans to ever have any Joker deleted scenes released. This means we may never see the infamous deleted "bathtub scene" that was apparently too "insane" to be used for the movie. Other cut scenes include an alternate ending along with a deleted moment which would have revealed the Sophie character's fate.

Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role as Arthur Fleck, a party clown and aspiring stand-up comedian who will eventually go on to become the Clown Prince of Crime. Co-starring alongside Phoenix are Robert De Niro as TV host Murray Franklin, Frances Conroy as Arthur's mother Penny, Zazie Beetz as his neighbor Sophie, and Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne. While inspired by DC characters, Joker is not your typical Batman or superhero movie, forgoing fights with men in tights with a heavier focus on how someone struggling with mental illness issues can be pushed to the point of no return.

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Since its theatrical premiere, Joker has smashed many box office records with its incredible success. It is the first R-rated movie to surpass a billion dollars in global ticket sales, which also makes it the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. While Avengers: Endgame and other Marvel movies have also brought in exorbitant amounts of money, Joker remains the most profitable comic book adaptation of all time, based on its total profit compared to its modest budget. The movie has been met with immense critical acclaim as well, and has even been generating Oscar buzz with many viewers feeling like Phoenix is a lock for Best Actor.

The Blu-ray release is likely to be very high-selling if the success of Joker in movie theaters is any indication, so the profits brought in by the movie are only going to climb. Not everyone wants the rumored sequel to happen, but with so much money continuing to come in, it seems likely to happen soon enough. You can pre-order a copy of Joker now by heading over to the official website for Joker. This news comes to us from Warner Bros.

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