The Joker, aka Lawrence Patrick Sullivan, was arrested in Miami, Florida after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at passing cars last night. This would sadly be a pretty "normal" story, but Sullivan has tattoos on his face to extend his smile, making his mouth look like it has been split from ear to ear, much like the Joker, and he appears to have taken a cue from Jared Leto's portrayal of the Joker, by adding some extra face tattoos. Batman was apparently nowhere to be found, so ordinary Florida cops had to respond to the call of a man with green hair and tattoos waving a gun at innocent drivers.

CBS local news is reporting that Sullivan, a 29-year old "tattoo model" is being held on a $5,000 bond in Miami, Florida. He was arrested with a Smith and Wesson handgun with six live rounds. Sullivan told the police that he had a gun in his pocket as they patted him down, which was very smart on his part. According to the arrest report when asked if he had a permit for said weapon, Sullivan replied "I don't have a permit cause' it's expensive." He was luckily only charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

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This real-life Joker really does not like Batman and you can literally read it across his forehead. Take that, Jared Leto, have fun with those pig heads and henchmen. The aspiring "tattoo model" also has the words "F%$K Batman" written on his forehead on a Batman winged logo next the word Joker, which is also tattooed to his forehead. In addition to those works of art, Sullivan also has "HA HA HA" tattooed under is right eye while a basic teardrop is tattooed below his left eye.

During his bail hearing, a visibly upset Sullivan waved his right to a public defender, stating that he "didn't want to fill out the paperwork." The judge then told Sullivan who lives with his mother that it would be a wise decision to reconsider his position.

The real villain here is the tattoo "artist" that agreed to take Sullivan's money and put the tattoos on his face in the first place. But he's probably the same tattoo artist that gave Miami rapper Stitches his split smile tattoo as well. Location and bad tattoos are not where the similarities end for Stiches and Sullivan as Stiches was recently arrested for the same charge of carrying a concealed weapon in Miami. Stitches was caught for parking in a handicapped parking space without a placard.

Thankfully nobody was injured during this bizarre encounter. Residents were reported as being a little frightened, but mostly over Sullivan's facial tattoos and resemblance to the Joker. There is no information to whether or not Sullivan was on any medication at the time or if he is being treated for mental illness. Hopefully Sullivan is able to find whatever help that he needs in the legal system and beyond. Check out pictures of Sullivan as the Joker below.