From now on, it may be best to avoid discussing Joker with the movie's headline star. Despite Joaquin Phoenix winning a Best Actor Golden Globe for his role as Arthur Fleck, and with it now looking like the Academy Award for Best Actor is his to lose, it seems that Phoenix is getting a little tired of answering the same questions regarding his turn as the Clown Prince of Crime.

As is usually the case at these glittering events, all of the winners at the 2020 Golden Globes are interviewed backstage after receiving their award, but Phoenix did not seem very keen on the proceedings. Having been asked once again about his process for getting under the makeup and into character, Phoenix responded in such a way as to strongly hint that he has had enough of this question.

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The Joker star went full, well, Joker, immediately asking the interviewer why the question was being brought up again, having answered it over and over now for several months. Needless to say, it left a somewhat intense, uncomfortable atmosphere.

"Isn't this old news? I feel like I've talked about this for six month. I mean, I feel like I answered this questions. You wanna hear a different version of it? Should I try and change it slightly or what should I do?"

Of course, being the professional that he is, Joaquin Phoenix did eventually answer the question, struggling to find a new way to say something he has had to repeat time and again about his acting process. However, after talking for a minute or two, Phoenix was forced to reiterate that he had already said all he could about this particular subject.

"It was a long process. I think the way that I worked on this was quite erratic. I didn't attack it linearly. I think I was most curious of the medications he was taking and the effects of those medications. That led us toward realizing we had to have this wild fluctuation of weight. So that was something I don't think was expected until I kind of dug into understanding the medication and the effects of what he was taking. So that was the beginning.

I read several books about clinical assassins that share a similar personality type to what I ultimately defined Arthur with. I'm not gonna say what they are because I think those people have got enough attention, so I'd rather not mention them by name, the men I studied and based the character on. There's probably so many other things that I just can't remember right now. But I feel like I already answered this question six months ago."

At Sunday night's Golden Globes presentation, Phoenix was awarded the Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama for his role as Arthur Fleck in Joker, which did not come as a surprise to many but did delight fans. The actor has been a heavy favourite to clean up over awards season ever since the first footage for the movie was released, leaving audiences marvelling at his physical, mental and emotional dedication to the part. But, no matter how much you enjoyed the movie and Phoenix's performance in it, maybe don't ask him about it anymore. This comes from Variety.