The Martin Scorsese produced Joker Origin Movie is moving right along, as production is now reportedly set to begin in May. We first reported on this movie last August and, even though Warner Bros. has been rather quiet when it comes to official details regarding this origin movie centered on The Joker, the project has been coming together behind the scenes. Now, it looks like this movie is a mere few months away from becoming a reality, assuming this production information holds true.

The Joker movie's production information comes courtesy of The Tracking Board's Jeff Sneider, who took to Twitter to share the info with his followers. According to the photo of the production listing he shared, it looks like this Joker origin movie will begin production on May 1. Todd Phillips, who directed all three of the Hangover movies, is set to direct from a script he co-wrote. Scott Silver, best known for his work on 8 Mile, is co-writing the script with Phillips. Martin Scorsese has been involved as a producer from the beginning, but it's still unclear exactly how heavily he'll actually influence the movie. In any case, if production really is going to start in less than three months, we're likely to hear some firm details on the project soon.

For now, the biggest question is who exactly will play The Joker in the movie. We know that this is going to exist outside of the current DC live-action universe continuity. So this won't be an origin story for Jared Leto's version of the character. While no casting has been confirmed yet, we recently reported that Joaquin Phoenix is the frontrunner for the role. Leonardo DiCaprio is also said to be someone the studio is very interested in and has reportedly met about the role several times, but nothing has materialized. Either way, it's clear the creative team wants a big, respectable name for the part.

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A movie like this raises a lot of questions. For one, DC fans adore Joker, but a great deal of his appeal comes from the fact that his origins are rather mysterious. A movie like this could rob the character of some of that mystery. It's also been reported that this Joker origin movie will be the first under a new production banner at Warner Bros. that will produce DC movies not connected with one another. With this, we could get movies like Superman: Red Son or other "elseworld" tales that would conflict heavily with the interconnected live-action DC universe currently in place. Could this be confusing for the casual moviegoing audience? Probably.

Warner Bros. has yet to set a release date for the untitled Joker movie, but if shooting begins in May, we should be able to expect it in 2019, or early 2020 at the very latest. We should also be hearing an official casting announcement soon as well. We'll be sure to keep you up to date as any new information on the project is made available. You can check out the post from Jeff Sneider's Twitter account for yourself below.

Ryan Scott