There's the slimmest chance that Martin Scorsese's Joker Origin Movie could be way cooler than anyone is anticipating. If Tommy Wiseau plays The Joker, Greg Sestero is game to play Batman. That's right. The guys behind the infamously terrible cult movie The Room are up for playing one of the greatest hero and villain duos to ever grace the pages of a comic book or the silver screen. This whole thing sounds pretty ridiculous, but Wiseau has been actively campaigning to play The Joker and isn't showing signs of stopping on that front.

Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau have had a renewed presence in the spotlight as of late. The Disaster Artist chronicled the making of The Room and, were it not for James Franco's alleged sexual misconduct, the movie may have been up for even more Oscars this weekend. Plus, the pair are teaming up for Best F(r)iends, a new movie that will be released in two parts starting on March 30. During a recent interview for the movie, they were both asked what hero or villain they would like to play, and Wiseau went right back to The Joker. Here's what he had to say.

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"I would tell you that I'm ready to play Joker, and people will have a little taste of it soon. But you know what I'm ready for anything. So at the end of the day if you have a part for me let me know. [Laughs] I am ready. So whatever you have from any comic book, then if you guys wanna put something together I'm ready to do it."

What does he mean by, "people will have a little taste of it soon?" Did he make some sort of Joker audition tape to try and land the part in the upcoming Joker movie that Martin Scorsese is producing? One can only hope we get to see something that crazy. When the same question was posed to Greg Sestero, he revealed that he thinks it would be logical for him to play Bruce Wayne, the man behind Batman, if Tommy Wiseau plays The Joker. Here's what he had to say.

"You know what, something funny, I put in the opening few pages of The Disaster Artist, I said that Tommy and I look more like Marvel comics nemeses than people who could be friends. And this was like 6 years ago, so I still stick with the fact that Tommy should play the Joker and I should play Bruce Wayne. Why not?"

There's no question, if only to see just how crazy it would be, a lot of us would love to see that version of Batman and The Joker. However, Warner Bros. has their own plans for DC projects at the moment, including Suicide Squad 2 which, if it includes a version of Joker, will once again be Jared Leto, as well as the Joker origin movie, which Todd Phillips is set to direct with Joaquin Phoenix possibly being eyed to star. So, this is just a crazy bit of casting we're likely never going to see, but you can't blame these guys for continuing to dream big. Screen Rant first reported on this news.