Thanks to James Franco and The Disaster Artist, Tommy Wiseau is back in the public eye and he does not appear to be leaving any time soon. It was recently revealed that Joaquin Phoenix was in serious talks to play the Clown Prince of Crime in Todd Phillips' Joker Origin Movie, but Wiseau decided that he would be better suited for the part and hit the director up on social media. Now, Wiseau is sharing some audition footage with the world, with the actor in full Joker makeup and costume, based off of Heath Ledger's iconic take on the villain.

The Nerdist was able to get Tommy Wiseau to dress as the Joker for his audition tape and features the actor doing exactly what you think he'd be doing, which is reading lines from the various other Jokers over the last few years, but really badly. Some of it comes off as pretty amazing though and for a split second, you almost believe that he could pull off the mentally unstable villain. However, after about 2 minutes of the "audition," you're pretty much ready for the rollercoaster to end.

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Tommy Wiseau's Joker asks if "you've ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight," from Jack Nicholson's version of from Tim Burton's Batman. The actor is then shown asking the camera, "why so serious?," a few times and then he begins to yell it like a madman. While Wiseau's acting is as terrible as you think it is, he has the look down. If anyone ever needs an older, Eastern European version of the Joker, Wiseau just might be your man.

As for Joaquin Phoenix, the actor has denied any involvement in the upcoming Joker origin story, which is being produced by Martin Scorsese. Phoenix went as far as to tell an interviewer that he had zero knowledge of the project, but noted that he thought that it sounded like a pretty awesome project. Many believe that Joaquin Phoenix is just playing coy and that he will officially take on the role after flirting with other superhero movies over the years. Todd Phillips and Scorsese probably won't end up calling up Tommy Wiseau and taking him up on his generous offer to star in the origin movie.

Tommy Wiseau and his partner from The Room, Greg Sestero have a new movie coming out called Best F(riends), and Wiseau has already finished another project called Scary Love, which may or may not have "cyber punk" influences. Additionally, Wiseau has recently been seen reenacting scenes from various disaster movies and released a music video. Tommy Wiseau may very well be the hardest man in (sort of) show business. The actor has also announced plans to release a complexly reshot version of The Room in immersive 3D, but other information surrounding that project isn't available at this time. For now, Wiseau's Joker origin movie "audition" tape will hold us all over for the next few hours before he pops up somewhere else. Check out the video below from the Nerdist YouTube channel.