Things seem to be rapidly falling into place for Tod Phillips' Joker origin movie. Just last week, it was reported that filming is set to begin in September and now we know that the working title is Romeo. Joaquin Phoenix has yet to be officially confirmed to portray the Clown Prince of Crime, but he has played coy every time he was asked about the role in recent interviews, simply stating that it "sounds really interesting." Now that the production start date has been revealed, the rest of the cast should be fleshed out in the coming weeks.

News of the Joker origin movie's working title of Romeo comes to us from That Hashtag Show, who also note that Todd Phillips has already recruited his The Hangover trilogy cinematographer Lawrence Sher to work on his non-DCEU project, along with production designer Mark Friedberg (Selma) and Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges (Phantom Thread). There are some heavy hitters working on the Joker origin movie, so it will be very interesting to see how the movie compares to what we've seen in the DCEU lately.

It's been rumored that since the Joker origin project won't be under the DCEU banner, that it's going under a new banner that is either titled DC Dark or DC Black. Both of these rumored titles lend themselves to a more adult-themed Joker story, which would play off of the Killing Joke vibes that the movie is said to have. While not much is clear about the plot, it has been revealed that the story will take place in the 1980s and be loosely based off of Alan Moore's the Killing Joke, a story that paints the Clown Prince of Crime as a failed comedian and family man.

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DC fans are now wondering how Joaquin Phoenix's version of the Joker will differ from that of Jared Leto's. Leto's performance was barely seen in Suicide Squad, but it has been announced that he will be starring and producing in a standalone movie, which will take place within the DCEU, leading to much confusion. However, Phoenix has been pretty mysterious about taking on the role and has shied away from the superhero genre in the past, leading to anticipation as to how he'll approach one of the most iconic villains in history.

For now, the Joker origin story is untitled and still does not have a cast nailed down. Basically, anything can happen at this point in time, but if these new reports are to be believed, it looks like everything is running smooth behind-the-scenes. If all goes well, we can hopefully expect an announcement about the project in a few weeks when San Diego Comic-Con takes place. Warner Bros. and DC Films will pretty much have Hall H to themselves this year, so big announcements are expected. You can read more about the working title and new crew additions to the Joker origin movie over at That Hashtag Show.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick