Several mysterious Joker clips have been posted on social media. The little cryptic teasers have been released to announce that a new trailer will drop this Wednesday, August 28th. Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have recently been pulling back the veil on their upcoming take on the Clown Prince of Crime, letting DC fans know that this is not going to be a typical comic book movie by any means. The director has revealed that Joker is an origin story, but it is not based on anything from the comic books.

While hardcore DC fans might take issue with Todd Phillips creating a new version of the Joker for the big screen, the movie has started to get some major outside attention. Whispers of Academy Awards have started to swirl and Joaquin Phoenix has reportedly delivered an amazing and unhinged performance as Arthur Fleck. While the recently released clips are really short, they do give new insight into just how far Phoenix went to deliver a new and unique performance.

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Many of the Joker clips have been seen in the first trailer, but we see a new one in which Arthur Fleck crawls into his refrigerator and closes the door behind him. It's an eerie sight to see and gives an indication of just how off the rails Joaquin Phoenix's take on Fleck really is. All together, there are six clips to take a look at, all posted by Todd Phillips and the official Joker Instagram account. If people weren't hyped to see the mysterious movie yet, they will be now.

Comedian Marc Maron is in Joker and he recently found himself back in the spotlight for trashing comic book movies. The comedian bashed fans of the genre and says the movies are for "grown, male nerd childs." While some see his words as being hypocritical, Maron was more than likely just trying to get some publicity for the movie. He was super excited to get the chance to work with Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro, and claims the movie is going to be a fresh and unique take on the genre, which has been teased a lot over the past several months.

Joaquin Phoenix dug deep to get into the Joker role and was initially scared to take on the part. However, it was his fear that ended up fueling his acting performance in the movie. The actor has been attached to various superhero movies over the years, but this is the one that he agreed to and the one he felt he could make original. We've seen the Clown Prince of Crime a number of times on the pages, the big screen, small screen, and in video games, so there is a lot of pressure for Phoenix to deliver the goods. Thankfully, it looks like he and Todd Phillips have given us something we didn't even know we wanted. You can check out the new clips below, thanks to the Joker Instagram account.

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