DC and Warner Bros. are branching out from the DCEU with standalone movies about Batman and his arch-nemesis the Joker, leading to fan speculation that the two might share their own movie universe. However, it has now been confirmed The Batman and Joker will not be connected in any way, with each taking place in their own separate timelines.

Speaking with Variety, Joker director Todd Phillips was asked directly about the potential of the two movies crossing over., "No, definitely not." Phillips responded. "Oddly, in the [United States], comic books are our Shakespeare it seems, and you can do many many versions of Hamlet," the director adds, suggesting many more Jokers will come in the future.

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Inspired by the works of Martin Scorsese, Joker will be more of a crime thriller than a typical superhero movie. The movie presents a new origin story for the legendary Batman villain, showing how a failed comedian named Arthur Fleck can transform from a forgotten clown with no purpose into Gotham City's most fearsome foe. With no attachment to Suicide Squad and the other movies from the DCEU, Joker went for a new actor in the role with Joaquin Phoenix starring, complete with his own unique look. The movie has been rated R for elements including bloody violence and disturbing behavior, very much making it in line with the more dastardly version of the Joker seen in most iterations of the character.

As for The Batman, the role of the titular superhero will be portrayed by The Lighthouse star Robert Pattinson. While nothing has been officially confirmed, recent rumors suggest the movie will be a noir story following Batman's crime-solving skills as the world's greatest detective. Word is the movie is set at a time when all of Batman's villains are running loose in the streets, making them all potential suspects for a series of crimes the Dark Knight is investigating. Many villains like Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, and Two-Face are rumored to appear, but only Pattinson's casting has been made official at this time. Directed by Matt Reeves, the movie is set to be released on June 25, 2021.

Already, there's Oscar buzz surrounding the performance of Phoenix as the titular supervillain in Joker. It's also tracking to be highly profitable at the box office, which is certainly more great news for DC and Warner Bros. If it turns out to be the gold mine we're all expecting, then chances are high producers would be interested in making a sequel. It would seem The Batman has the potential to achieve similar success as well, based on the interest in the project and Pattinson's acting prowess. Still, no matter what happens, it appears they'll both be enjoyed separately.

We can all catch Joker when it premieres in theaters on Oct. 4. As for The Batman, the wait will be a little longer as that movie is set to arrive on June 25, 2021. Feel free to watch and enjoy both, but don't expect them to ever intersect. This news comes to us from Variety.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
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