Todd Phillips' Joker is officially one month away from hitting theaters. The project had mostly been a mystery while it was being shot, with the director and star Joaquin Phoenix not talking about it a whole lot. That has all changed now that the movie premiered at the Venice Film Festival with an eight-minute standing ovation. Nearly all of the early reactions and reviews have been enthusiastic, heaping praise on Phillips and Phoenix. Now we have a short teaser video announcing that the rest of the world is one month away from seeing what all of the hype is about.

The official Instagram account for the Joker released a short video to celebrate that the movie is one month away (October 4th). The video is made up of the first footage director Todd Phillips shared online of Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck. However, there is now footage of the talk show scene projected over his body and face, showing a slow transformation into the Clown Prince of Crime. The soundtrack to the video is The Guess Who's 1969 hit song "Laughing."

DC and Warner Bros. are preparing to launch the full promotional blitz for Joker now that we're only a month away from its release. While we just received the second and final trailer and final posters, we will more than likely end up seeing some brand-new TV spots in the weeks to come, teasing more footage. As a whole, the studio has shied away from their usual marketing of a comic book movie, which was probably done at the request of Todd Phillips.

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Joker is not a typical comic book movie, even though it features one of the most iconic comic book villains of all time. Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix decided to approach the movie as a gritty character study, which has some fans worried. However, after looking at the promotional material, it appears they have done something unique while keeping it in step with the superhero universe, but in a much darker way. Everybody wants their Batman movies to be dark, and though this one won't feature the Caped Crusader, it will definitely be a dark affair.

So far, Joker has been praised for Todd Phillips' vision and Joaquin Phoenix's unhinged performance. The actor admitted that he lost sight of the reason why he originally took the part on in the first place because the character kept on evolving while they were shooting. This could be because the reshoots happened while they were making the movie. Phillips was reportedly reworking and rewriting scenes on an almost nightly basis, keeping the entire cast and crew on their toes. Whether this method led to the evolution of Arthur Fleck is unclear at this time, but whatever it was, it seems to have paid off in a major way. You can check out the one month teaser below, thanks to the Joker Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick