John Carpenter is breaking into the DC universe with his latest endeavor. The horror master is writing a new comic book series titled Joker: Year of the Villain for DC Comics. Anthony Burch is set to co-write the series with Carpenter. We first learned about the project over the summer but now, we have some new details and it sounds like Carpenter is bringing his sensibilities along for the crazy ride.

The first issue of the Joker book is set to arrive next month. It will take place inside the main DC Comics continuity. So this won't be a one-off Elseworlds tale or something along those lines. John Carpenter, in a recent interview, teased, "You're going to read some disturbing material." Anthony Burch explained, in detail, what we can expect from the John Carpenter story and how it fits into what's going on in Gotham City now.

"If you're reading the main Batman comic right now, Tom King's 'City of Bane' run, the main thing that's changed in Gotham is that Bane is in charge and there's basically no law anymore to speak of. The inmates are running the asylum, except the asylum is now the entirety of Gotham City. So what we wanted to play with is the idea of, 'Well, Joker exists to create chaos and throw a wrench in the works. What does that look like in a city where chaos is already reigning?' How do you be the crazy guy that's surprising everyone when the world has already gone insane? He basically decides, 'Well, maybe I'll try to be a vigilante,' and he does a very, very Joker-centric version of that."

As for how this came to be in the first place? John Carpenter, the director of Halloween and The Thing, was approached by DC to write for Joker. He then brought Anthony Burch, who previously worked on the Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack comic along. DC left them alone to do with the story as they please and that's how we got to where we are now. Carpenter expressed his love for Batman, which helped fuel his passion for the book.

"I'm a Batman fan. Of all the superheroes, he's the best, represents more stuff, he's more serious as a character. And the Joker's just brilliant. He's the greatest villain. This is DC comics. This is the Joker. The Joker's the greatest! Who wouldn't want to write this? So, here we are!"

So, will this be a one-and-done? Or will this just be the start of John Carpenter's work with DC? That's really up to DC Comics and the fans at this point. But if the book does well enough, Carpenter wants to come back for more.

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"Well, it's not about what we like, it's what DC wants to do. Maybe we'll be so successful that they say to us, 'Guys, take [Batman] on an adventure!' Which we would love to do."

Additionally, several preview pages from the first issue have been released, which preview the anarchy to come. We've included the pages below. Joker: The Year of the Villain is set to hit stands on October 9. This news comes to us via Entertainment Weekly.

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