Construction Hell

From my perch high atop Mount Purgatory, I spotted a sudden increase in activity down in Development Hell. I tentatively maneuvered around the Mountain (you try sitting on a cold, hard mountain top for decades - without Preparation H!) to gain a better view. It appears that the devils and imps have had to co-opt a bunch of the set construction guys to help them expand three of the largest circles of Hell: Sequel Hell, Remake Hell and Comic Adaption Hell. They've got crews and casts lined up at the entrance waiting for their own special corner of Hell!

Comic Adaption Hell:

Along with Daredevil, Hellboy is one of the favorite projects down here. Various sources have confirmed that Ron Perlman is signed and that the films budget is estimated at $60 million dollars.

A special, extra-hot room is being added to host the people behind Universal's animated adaption of the Herobear comic. If you can believe The Hollywood, the story involves a stuffed polar bear that comes to life - as a superhero. Those Hollywood exec's will buy anything