The Daily Show is saying good-bye to Jon Stewart after 16 years on the air. He's given the world a reason to laugh as well as reflect on society and everything that is going on in the world. He's also spent a great deal of time poking fun at and criticizing the fast food chain Arby's. Instead of being offended, or ignoring the copious amount of insults over the years, Arby's did something different. It decided to celebrate Jon Stewart.

The Daily Show aired it's penultimate episode last night featuring Jon Stewart as host. Showing there was no bad blood between them, Arby's decided to send off the comedian and talk show host with two commercials. Included here for you to see in case you missed them, they are both very funny and hilarious in their own right.

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It's unclear if Arby's was ever hurt financially by Jon Stewart's constant ribbing. Did you ever cancel your dinner date at Arby's at the comedian's behest? It's seriously doubtful that The Daily Show attacks ever diminished the restaurant's earnings over the years. And now they get the final word, as Ving Rhames sings a rousing rendition of The Golden Girls theme, while Jon reenacts the effects one of the restaurant's delicious roast beef sandwiches has on his stomach.

Someone at Arby's must have been keeping track of all the jokes, as some of the best are relived in the following video. It's unclear if they were saving all the best jabs to use in an impending legal battle, or if they knew this day would finally come, allowing them to get one last friendly blow in with a tribute that is as heartfelt as it is hilarious. However the commercial came to be in existance, it is an unexpected and welcome reaction to all the verbal abuse Jon Stewart has sent the fast food chain's way over the years.

While one commercial spotlights all of the playful punches thrown over the years, the second spot introduces a new sandwich, The Daily Deli. This menu entrée pays its respects to both the show and its leader. The company even offered Jon Stewart a job when it was announced that he was leaving the The Daily Show, but naturally he turned them down. What's next for Jon Stewart is not known. But you can say goodbye tonight as Jon Stewart waves farewell from his desk in the final episode of his tenure. Trevor Noah will then step into replace him next month, but it's unseen if the South African comedian will have the same distaste for Arby's succulent roast beef. Or if this is one beef that is truly squashed!