National Treasure director John Turteltaub has signed a multi-year deal with CBS Paramount Network TV. According to Variety, Turteltaub will create a drama, a comedy, and a realty series for the channel.

Turteltaub made his network directorial debut with the series Jericho. Though not yet a confirmed hit, the series did return from the cancellation grave.

CBS president David Stapf stated of Turteltaub and his team, "They are smart, collaborative and have been extremely instrumental in making the show a cult favorite. They had a clear vision of the direction of the show both in look and story. We're fortunate that Jon not only brought his sense of humor but his cinematic style to television."

CBS had pursued Turteltaub for years before Jericho came along. Under the CBS Paramount deal, Zreik and Shotz will serve as co-exec producers on all future Turteltaub TV projects.