Actor Jonah Hill will make his directorial debut with The Kitchen Sink for Sony Pictures.

Oren Uziel wrote the script, which landed on the 2010 Black List for best unproduced screenplays. The story centers on a group of teenagers, a vampire, a zombie and a human, who band together to fight off the aliens attacking their town. The title refers to Uziel throwing in every popular movie monster into this coming-of-age story.

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Matthew Tolmach is attached to produce. Here's what he recently had to say about the story.

"I love high school movies, and sparked to the authenticity of these characters. It's more in the spirit of The Breakfast Club than anything, but you get an idea of the title in an early scene where two kids are running from zombies. Those zombies suddenly are attacked by vampires. Just when they are all facing off, there's a bright light overhead. You realize the aliens have landed and these groups have to band together, suppress the urge to kill each other, and it becomes thematically the enemy of my enemy is my friend. That makes it different than your usual zombie, vampire, or alien movie. I know from experience how quickly scripts either get bought or not, and it often has no bearing on whether they're good or not. This one is like the talented kid passed over in the first round of the draft. Thank goodness for the Black List."

No production schedule was revealed for The Kitchen Sink.