While visiting Jonah Hill on the set of his upcoming summer comedy Get Him to the Greek, we were able to chat with the comedic actor in-depth about his upcoming adaptation of Mick Conefrey's The Adventurer's Handbook, which he wrote and stars in. The film also stars Jason Segel and Jason Schwartzman. Here's what Jonah Hill had to say about the project, as well as the proposed Superbad/Pineapple Express mash-up sequel that was kicked around awhile back:

Jonah Hill: The next movie I'm shooting, I wrote and it's me and Jason Schwartzman and Jason Segel. It's called The Adventurer's Handbook. And it's for Universal. Its cool. It's really exciting. This is the first movie where I have a real writing credit, and its being made into a film. Its me, Schwartzman, and Segel starring in Indiana Jones or The Goonies. Our point of view is very grounded, but its going to be like an 80s adventure movie. We go on this adventure together and immediately get chased by drug dealers. We get chased around the world, basically.

Is it PG-13?

Jonah Hill: Its R rated.

Are you guys going to be looking for something?

Jonah Hill: We find this handbook that we think is very special. It contains a map to a sacred island. We set out to find the island, because we are all bored with out lives. Then mayhem ensues. I lose my passport. Then we get chased by these people that are after something else. Akiva Schaffer, who does all of the Saturday Night Live digital shorts will be directing it.

When are you guys going to be shooting that?

Jonah Hill: I think we will start in the spring of 2010. We have to shoot it during Jason Segel's hiatus on How I Met Your Mother.

Has there been anymore talk about the Superbad/Pineapple Express mash-up idea you guys had?

Jonah Hill: I wish. I would never want to do a Superbad 2. The only way I ever thought it would be interesting is if it were a crossover. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are pretty special. They really care about their movies. Michael Cera and I look back at Superbad very fondly. We are proud of the work we turned out. If the crossover wasn't as good, which it probably wouldn't be, I wouldn't want to fuck with the good work that we did. It was such a great experience. From the moment we started rehearsing until the movie came out. It was a great experience that we shared with all of our friends. We don't want to make something that could possibly shit on something that we are all so proud of. We want to try and do something new. I hope that the new things I do are different. Like The Adventurer's Handbook. It's my adventure fix. I grew up loving adventure movies. They were fun to me. This movie is what Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was supposed to be. My friend found this Adventure's Handbook, and it's this pocket book full of these absurd things. Like how to cut your way out of an anaconda. There was no real story, we were just laughing at this stuff that was in it. In the old movies, no one ever reacts to what is happening as if it were crazy. If this was happening to me? If a giant ball was rolling after me? I would think it was weird and fucked up. Its crazy. It's insane. That's the idea we wanted to bring to this movie. What if four guys went searching for themselves? What if they were searching for something , and they found this book, and the book causes them to go find this island. It allows them to connect with each other. It will fulfill this quarter-life crisis that they are going through before they get married and have kids. In the old 80s adventure movies, everything seems to go right. Something terrible happens, and then something great happens. Our idea for this was, "What if every time something unfortunate happens, something thirty times worse happens immediately after?" That was the idea. We never wanted these guys to have a victory, basically. Its like a really cool, grounded adventure movie that could exist. There are no spaceships. It's not going to be surreal. We want you to think that at any minute these guys are going to die. You never feel like Indiana Jones is going to die. Here, you actually believe we might die during this gun battle. That we are shitting our pants because we are scared and don't know what to do. These guys have never held a gun before. We want it to feel real.