A few days ago we reported that the new Superman reboot could have a new writer and now a new story reveals they could have a director as well. IESB.net is reporting that director Christopher Nolan's brother Jonah Nolan has been tapped to direct The Man of Steel.

The site is reporting that is the main reason why The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan was recently brought on to The Man of Steel reboot, to help out his brother in making his directorial debut. Jonah Nolan was a co-writer on Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Prestige, which were all directed by his brother Christopher.

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It was also said that Christopher Nolan's involvement also has a big-picture tie-in as well. It was said that Nolan was serving in this "godfather" capacity with The Man of Steel to work towards an all-inclusive Justice League film that he would direct.

The site does note that all of this news is unconfirmed at the moment. You can CLICK HERE to read the site's entire article.