The Good

Fans of the Jonas Brothers now have 3-D three disc set!

The Bad

There's almost nothing on these discs but the movie.Fans of the Jonas Brothers are going to have a field day with this DVD release. Shot in 3D they can now watch the brothers in their most larger than life fashion as they perform some of their classic hits. Giving us an inside look into the process of making this movie, we get to see the Jonas Brothers in as much of an up close and personal way as Disney will allow. This release gives fans the 3D concert experience as well as extra songs, and performances by such fan faves as Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift.

Users are given three discs with which they can enjoy this special. There is of course the Blu-ray disc which gives fans the ultimate screening experience (they can watch this show in 3D or 2D and it contains performances not seen in theaters) , a standard DVD so this can be played on multiple players (it also contains all the bonus features that are on the Blu-ray disc), and a digital copy for users to carry around with them on a portable media player


The following review of Special Features focuses on the ones contained on the Blu-ray disc.

Up Close and Personal

Go inside the lives of the Jonas Brothers on tour. That pretty much sums up what we are getting with this featurette. Anybody expecting Another State of Mind or some gritty type of tour video will be sorely mistaken. Clearly a product of Disney, these guys are prepackaged and there's no way that the Mouse House is going to send them on the road in anything less than the finest conditions. We see the JoBros in their element as they talk about movies, get ready to play and also give fans minor insights into who they are as people.

Two Bonus Songs


1080p High Definition - 1.85:1 - Special Features are in 1080p High Definition. I can have all the opinions that I want about the Jonas Brothers as a band, but one thing that cannot be denied is that this release looks really good. It was shot in 3D and the experience in my living room was pretty darn amazing. I used the 3D glasses and I must admit that I was impressed with how well that medium translated to my TV. The picture is never grainy, I noticed no moments where the Blu-ray transfer overcooked the images and everything else seemed to be in perfect viewing order.


7.1 English DTS-HD Master Audio - Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital - The bonus features are in English 5.1 Dolby Digital. Since this is a music DVD I had some pretty high expectations for how I wanted this release to sound. I wanted the audio to suck me into the film. I wanted to feel engulfed by what I was hearing and seeing. I think it is fair to say that this Blu-ray release accomplishes that. Now, lets be honest, fans of this group are probably not going to go that crazy over the technical specifics of this release. They just want to put on this 3 disc set and hear their favorite songs. The fact that this release impressed me as much as it did, says something about music's ability to cross generations.


The Jonas Bros. are displayed to fans on this embossed slipcase cover. Behind them is a fire as well as a mix of purple and blue colors. The back gives us one shot of the band, a well written description of what this 3 disc set contains, technical specs, and a special features listing. There isn't anything that incredible about this packaging, but I think it should satisfy the appetites of the fans quite nicely.

Final Word

Okay, I know that I could probably rip this DVD set and band apart but I am not going to do that. At 35 years age I think I have much better things to do than to say awful things about a group of kids. I was expecting this three disc set to be painful to watch but I was pleasantly surprised. Kevin, Joe and Nick are surprisingly engaging and charismatic. On stage they seem to really know how to work their audience, and I never got the "idiot shivers" watching them perform. There is so much work that has gone into the production of their stage show, it would be really wrong of me to say something negative just because these guys aren't necessarily my musical cup of tea.

My only complaint with this Blu-ray disc is that it is 3 discs deep but there really isn't too much on the discs themselves except the main concert performance. Still, fans of the JoBros need to own this.

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience was released February 27, 2009.