According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney and Imax have decided to add a lot more giant 3-D screens to the Feb. 27 release of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.

That would mean that there would be 1,100 3-D venues and 55 Imax screens showing the film.

With the new 3-D still in its infant stages, Disney could potentially be going into all the available 3-D screen in North America.

"Every time you go out with a 3-D film these days, you tend to set a record for the number of engagements because seats are at a premium," stated Disney distribution president Chuck Viane. "So any time you can add 55 engagements, that's a really good opportunity."

At present, the current screenings of the film are being billed as "one week only." If things go well in the non-Imax venues this could make the screenings play longer.

Sadly, Imax has a very small window due to Warner Bros. releasing Watchmen the next week.