According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jonathan Sadowski and Keir O'Donnell are going to star in the television pilot for Ghosts/Aliens.

The show is a live-action comedy for Comedy Central. The plan is to make it a feature through Paramount Vantage.

The show is based on Trey Hamburger's supernatural comedy novel that was released in November. Ghosts/Aliens focuses on Trey Hamburger (Sadowski) and his best pal, Mike Stevens (O'Donnell). They are two potheads who go on a quest to show that ghosts and aliens are real.

The pilot was penned by Phil Johnston.

Other cast members are Rebecca Wisocky, she plays Trey's Mom Deb. Kaylee DeFer plays a member of Trey's band of alien hunters.

If Ghosts/Aliens gets picked up on Comedy Central, the show's cast could also star in the eventual movie.