Jonathan Scarfe, Gabriel Olds, Kevin Rahm, Aisha Hinds, Benjamin Burdick and Sam Anderson are all set for the Lifetime drama, Conspiracy.

The pilot stars Lisa Sheridan as Samantha Cross, a young Washington lawyer who, after winning a highly publicized case for a large pharmaceutical company, realizes that she was given falsified documents and that her client was guilty. As she seeks the truth and puts her life in danger, she learns that her prestigious law firm is the enemy and the conspiracy is much bigger than the initial case.

The Hollywood Reporter adds Scarfe will play Cross' ex-boyfriend, to whom she turns for help with investigating the cover-up. Olds will play Cross' current boyfriend, a Washington mover and shaker who wants to protect her from the dangerous circumstances surrounding her. Burdick will play a reporter for the Washington Post who is doing a profile on Cross. Rahm will play a rising star at the firm where Cross works who has a thing for her. Anderson will play the driving force behind the law firm, and Hinds will play Cross' roommate and resident rebel.

If fully picked up, Conspiracy will begin airing next year on Lifetime.