Jonathan Silverman discusses what attracted him to the show and what it's like having his wife working on the same lot

Jonathan Silverman stars in the new comedy In Case of Emergency. He recently gathered with the rest of his cast to discuss the show and his career. Here is a bit of what Jonathan had to say.

Can you to talk a bit about the rhythms of comedy in a single-camera format compared to the days when you did The Single Guy in front of an audience? How is that different for you, and which do you prefer?

Jonathan Silverman: That's a very good question. I guess I was weaned doing the comedy of Neil Simon and his Broadway Trilogy, and for that I'm very grateful. Neil not only cast me in his Broadway plays, but also in some of the movies of his Broadways plays that I had done. So at a pretty early age, at 18 [or] 19, I had a pretty interesting and informative introduction to comedy in the different genres. In terms of live-action television and one-camera television, the grind is much more involved and the hours are far longer, but I so prefer this. It's easier in that sense. Like a film, you can take your time.

You can find it. You can work on different takes and work on different lines to try -- things that aren't working until you get it right. But there's far less stress. I always got confused when I was doing the four-camera live-audience show. I never quite knew if I was supposed to keep in mind the few hundred people that were in the audience or focus on the cameras that were a few feet away. So I far prefer this gig.

What is it about these characters in this show that you like?

Jonathan Silverman: I love these characters, and I love these [actors] who are playing the characters so much. We get along so well, it's almost silly. It's almost a cliché. ... But for me personally what attracted me to the character of Harry, which may or may not be based on a gentleman sitting on this dais right now, and I'm not going to tell you who, but his name is [Executive Producer] Howard Morris, he's a wonderful guy, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Your significant other plays a strong female protagonist in another show - on another network. Who wears the pants in your family?

Jonathan Silverman: I enjoy wearing dresses. ... My fiancée is Jennifer Finnigan ... She stars in the Jerry Bruckheimer program entitled Close to Home. Honestly, the best part -- one of the many best parts about having this job is that Jen shoots her show on the Sony lot where we shoot our shows. I [get] to see her all day long, and we [get] to carpool in to work together and spend some time at lunch. She has a much bigger trailer than I do. We gotta talk.

And she actually is extremely jealous of the fun that we have on our set because she's doing this very serious program where she's arresting people and throwing away the key. And all we do is giggle and laugh and pull our pants down. So she's very envious of the laughs and the smiles that we get to have. Yes, sure. She wears the pants.

How do you decide if and when to work with your significant other in a project?

Jonathan Silverman: You know, we - Jen and I - haven't really been in that situation yet. But I suppose if the situation were ideal, why not? I not only am in love with her as a human. I'm in love with her as an artist too. I think she's a genius. I would love to do something with her.

In Case of Emergency airs on ABC Wednesday nights at 9:30/8:30c.

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