Earlier this month, a report surfaced that Harvey Weinstein had demanded director Joon-ho Bong cut at least 20 minutes out of his upcoming film Snowpiercer, so that the film can be more accessible to American audiences.

The filmmaker recently addressed the edits at a press conference, where he downplayed the significance of these cuts.

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"I came here after editing for the American version. I've never produced a new version for overseas premieres, and this is the first time I'm making a new version. Weinstein is actually being pretty soft toward editing, probably because it's noticed how critics have praised the film and know how angry movie fans get over new edits. They even asked me which parts I want to include in the film."

Regardless of how long the American cut is, The Weinstein Company still hasn't issued a release date for this thriller, which is set aboard a perpetual motion train carrying the last survivors of a global ice age that decimated the planet.

The film opened earlier this month in Korea, and it debuts today in Denmark, with premieres in France, Greece and Russia to follow later this year.