Jordana Brewster will be heading back to television screens this fall when she appears on NBC's surprise hit series Chuck. According to TV Guide's Mike Ausiello Brewster will be playing the infamous Jill - the woman who broke Chuck's heart and set him on the path which took him to being a part of the Nerd Herd.

Josh Schwartz, executive producer of the show, explains that Jill is the "mythic college girlfriend who broke Chuck's heart, slept with his best friend Bryce Larkin, and is basically responsible for setting his life crashing off course and landing him at the Nerd Herd. He always has imagined seeing her again, and being able to impress her with all he's accomplished. Unfortunately, when he does meet her, he's doing a computer install and she's a brilliant, successful, beautiful doctor working to create antibodies to horrible diseases."

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Brewster is committed to appearing in at least three episodes of the show, in what Schwartz promises to be the "juiciest arc we've done yet and one that ties very deeply into the mythology of the show and the character of Chuck."

Chuck airs on NBC on Monday nights at 8:00 ET. The show stars Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin.

Chuck is a high-concept action comedy that follows Chuck Bartowski (Levi), a regular twentysomething whose life is thrown into disarray after his friend, a CIA agent, sends him an e-mail which results in the world's secrets becoming embedded in his mind. Chuck is just an ordinary guy who spends his days solving problems at an electronics store with a band of nerdy cohorts and longing to find a woman who can appreciate him. He never asked to become the government's most powerful weapon, but suddenly the fate of the country lies in his unlikely hands. Agents Sarah Walker (Strahovski) and John Casey (Baldwin) are assigned to protect him.