's Michael Ausiello reports that even though the character of Sara Sidle survived her run-in with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 's Miniature Killer in Thursday night's season premiere, her time on the show has nonetheless come to an end.

Multiple sources to the site confirm that Jorja Fox -- whose contract expired at the end of last season -- will depart the hit procedural this November after failing to come to terms on a new long-term deal. Although Fox doesn't outright confirm her exit, in an exclusive interview with Ausiello the actress did open up about the difficulty of keeping Sara's fate a secret all these months, her residual "hurt" feelings following her firing back in 2004 [for not showing up to the set during contract negotiations], whether the conclusion of the Sara-Grissom love story will be satisfying to viewers, and why she will never address those persistent tabloid rumors.

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