Only a very select group of individuals within director Christopher Nolan's inner-circle know what is actually going on with the characters and storyline for the trilogy ending sequel The Dark Knight Rises. And that group is notorious for messing with fans, constantly throwing out misinformation just to arouse speculation and to add a bit of fun into the process of pre-production anticipation.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was confirmed to be participating in the sequel on Friday. On Saturday, the very reputable Hollywood insider publication Variety stated that someone from deep within Christopher Nolan's camp had revealed that the actor will be playing Alberto Falcone, aka The Holiday Killer.

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Well, it seems Nolan's camp was messing with us again. The also highly reputable Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that an equally trust worthy source close to Christopher Nolan is stating that the information leaked this Saturday is 100% false. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not playing Falcone. And we may not know which DC Comics character he is playing until we get closer to the actually 2012 release date of the film.

In other news, there is rampant speculation that Juno Temple, who is in negotiations to play a Gotham street youth, is actually gearing up to be a female version of Robin the Boy Wonder. This bit of information has neither been confirmed nor denied. In Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, a thirteen year old girl named Carrie Kelly is Robin, and some believe this will be the character Juno Temple takes on in The Dark Knight Rises.