It was bound to happen at some point, and the time is now. A fan has taken Josh Brolin as both Thanos and Cable and made the ultimate mashup with a new sculpture. It's pretty much the summer of Brolin, with the actor currently in theaters as the villainous Thanos in Infinity War and starring as Cable in Deadpool 2, which opens next week. Not only that, but Brolin is also starring in Sicario 2 later on this summer. It isn't clear where Josh Brolin finds all of the time for these movies, especially when he's returning to the Cable and Thanos roles, but he must have a pretty awesome work ethic.

The new mashup sculpture of Cable and Thanos was constructed by artist Steven Richter, who has done some other very impressive statues of Chewbacca and Hulk. However, the new mashup sculpture is on a whole new level. The bust mainly takes on the look of Cable, with the glowing eye and haircut, but the shape of the face is more in the vein of Thanos and his weird looking chin, which has been spoofed a lot since the look was unveiled in the Infinity War trailers. Richter even released a 4-minute video detailing all of the hard work that went into constructing the awesome bust, complete with an eye that lights up for Cable.

It's actually pretty amazing that nobody had thought about the Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War mashup sooner. Josh Brolin's performance as Thanos has been earning rave reviews from critics and fans while early reactions for Deadpool 2 are praising his portrayal of Cable. The highly anticipated Deadpool sequel even underwent reshoots to add more of Brolin's Cable into the final cut because it was requested during test screenings. And now, there's an awesome mashup sculpture of the two Marvel characters.

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Josh Brolin is in unprecedented territory, playing two huge Marvel characters in two different movies, with two very different tones. Thanos is the main villain in Infinity War along with his Black Order, but there is depth to his character and he has strong beliefs for his actions, even if they come with major consequences. On the other side of the spectrum is Cable, who starts Deadpool 2 as a villain as well, but in a humorous take on the superhero movie instead of the doom and gloom of Infinity War and the upcoming Avengers 4.

With Avengers 4 on the horizon and the X-Force movie coming along, we're about to get a lot more of Josh Brolin's Cable and Thanos, which doesn't seem to be such a bad thing. As previously noted, Infinity War is currently in theaters while Deadpool 2 hits theaters next week. While you wait to check out Brolin's version of Cable, you can check out the awesome fan-made Thanos and Cable mashup sculpture below, thanks to Steven Richter's YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick