Avengers: Endgame star Josh Brolin may have won Halloween 2020 with his crazy costume. Trick or treating was pretty much canceled this year, as were giant costume parties. However, some celebrities were able to share their costumes on social media to keep the Halloween spirit alive, while staying safe and avoiding the public health crisis in the process. From the looks of things, Brolin spent his Halloween with family, who also got a kick out of his costume.

After playing Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Cable in the Deadpool franchise, Josh Brolin has to think out his Halloween costumes. In recent years he has been self-referential, like when he went to a party dressed as his character from The Goonies, Brandon "Brand" Walsh. This year, Brolin decided to step outside the box and go as one gigantic baby. The suit has air blown up into it and just watching the Thanos actor walk around in it is funny, but it gets even better when he starts doing some martial arts in the middle of the street.

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Josh Brolin's giant baby costume has MCU fans looking twice, while laughing at the same time. Brolin did not go into details as to why he chose to go as a baby this Halloween season, but we really don't need a big discussion about it. The costume works really well and also showcases some of the actor's martial arts skills, which Rebel Wilson also recently flaunted in her Ron Warrior Princess costume over the weekend. Wilson showed off some pretty crazy nunchuck skills, while also showing off how much weight she has lost this year.

Rapper Cardi B decided to go as Scarlet Witch from WandaVision and even posted a photo with some Photoshopped flames coming from her fists. Elsewhere, there were a lot of Spider-Man costumes this year, from groups of all ages. Kylie Jenner assembled the Power Rangers for her Halloween party and even got caught in some controversy when it was revealed that her party had well over 100 guests. Some people weren't going to allow a public health crisis to ruin their Halloween fun this year.

Even with all of the crazy intricate costumes and makeup jobs, Josh Brolin comes out on top with a giant baby Halloween costume that probably cost him $20 on Amazon. The runner up for Halloween 2020 would have to go to actress/musician Janelle Monae, who went as Chucky from the Child's Play franchise. She even carried around another Good Guys doll that looks more like the original than the recent remake, so horror fans will likely give her bonus points for that. With another Halloween in the books, all we can do is hope that next year will allow everybody to get back to normal. You can check out the giant baby costume above, thanks to Josh Brolin's Instagram account.