Warner Bros. has tapped Josh Gad to star in and co-write the screenplay for their long-gestating big-screen adaptation of Gilligan's Island.

The studio had previously tried to bring the beloved TV series to life in 2010, when Brad Copeland (Yogi Bear) was attached to write the script, and Atlas Entertainment's Charles Roven and Richard Suckle were set to produce. Neither the writer or producers are involved in this new version, which will be co-written by Josh Gad, Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez. It isn't known what role Josh Gad will play, although there is speculation he may portray either The Skipper or Gilligan himself.

Lloyd J. Schwartz, Ross Schwartz, Tracey Silvers and Cathy Silvers will serve as executive producers. No production schedule was given.

Sherwood Schwartz created the original Gilligan's Island TV series, which ran for 96 episodes over three seasons between 1964 and 1967. The story centered on a three-hour boat tour from Honolulu that went awry, with seven men and women trapped on a remote island. Bob Denver (Gilligan), Alan Hale Jr. (The Skipper), Jim Backus (Thurston Howell III), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Lovey Howell), Tina Louise (Ginger Grant), Russell Johnson (Professor Roy Hinckley) and Dawn Wells (Mary Ann Summers) starred in the hit series.

Its likely that Warner Bros. and Josh Gad are undecided about which role he will play, and are floating it early to see what the online community has to say. Perhaps the studio wants him to play Skipper, but he thinks he's a better fit for Gilligan? What do you think? Is he Skipper all the way? Or just too young for that role?