According to The Hollywood Reporter Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas, Connor Cruise and Edwin Hodge have joined up as Wolverines in MGM/UA's reboot of Red Dawn.

Also in this cast are Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki. This film is an update of the 1984 action movie, that saw a group of teenagers put together an insurgency after their town is taken over by Chinese and Russian soldiers.

Hutcherson will play the role of Robert which was originally done by C. Thomas Howel. He becomes the tech guy of the group. Isabel Lucas is going to be Erica. She is a cheerleader and the girlfriend of Josh Peck. Lea Thompson played this role in the original film.

Conner Cruise will be playing Daryl. He is the son the mayor of Spokane. He also happens to be Robert's best friend. Lastly, Hodge will play the part of Danny. He was a high school football player that helps establish the insurgency.

Th cast heads out shortly for military training. Dan Bradley will be directing the film. The screenplay was written by Jeremy Passmore and Carl Ellsworth.

The film will shoot next month in Detroit. The plan is to release it on September 24, 2010.