Piranha 3D screenwriter Josh Stolberg has revealed that he is writing a secret Hasbro project along with co-writer Bobby Florsheim. Here's what Josh Stolberg had to say about this untitled Hasbro project, which will tie in several of the toy company's brands.

"Bobby [Florsheim] and I just signed up to do a film for Hasbro that we're incredibly excited about - it's a big family film and we get to play around with a lot of Hasbro brands, but at the end of the day it's just a great father-kid relationship story kind of, in a Night at the Museum-kind of template."

Josh Stolberg and Bobby Florsheim are also working on a remake of the 1955 classic To Catch a Thief for producer Neal H. Moritz. Here's what he had to say on the progress of that remake, which will be updated with modern-day gadgets.

"I wrote, with Bobby [Florsheim], a remake of To Catch a Thief for Paramount. Neal H. Moritz is producing, and it's exciting because it's one of my favourite Hitchcock movies and it was fun to come at it from a different angle - make it a little bit more modern and 'gadgety.' It's the first script that I've ever written that [encompasses] a lot of heists and action sequences and.. it was a blast! I'm really excited. We just turned in the script to the studio a couple of months ago and they're working on casting now. It takes place in Santarini... it's a travelogue of the most amazing places on Earth.. it's gonna be a fun, fun ride I think."

The writer also has Man-Witch in development at Warner Bros. with Todd Phillips and Zach Galifianakis still attached as well.

"Todd [Phillips, the producer] came onboard, he connected to the material. We wrote it for Warner Bros. It's an original screenplay about a guy who finds out he is the one male witch born every century, and the male witch is typically responsible for the biggest human disasters in human history - the fall of the Roman Empire, the Great Depression. So this guy has to go to the witch training academy with a bunch of pre-pubescent little girls to learn how to control his powers before he destroys the world. Jack Black was attached for a while, he's no longer attached. Zach Galifianakis was attached, and still might be attached... though I'm not quite sure."

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