Yesterday, 20th Century Fox president Tom Rothman gave an update on The Wolverine. Today the executive confirmed that Chronicle director Josh Trank is still circling the Fantastic Four reboot.

"I'm hopeful. I think Josh is going to come on to Fantastic Four and develop that."
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We reported back in January that Fox was eyeing the director, but it appears that he isn't quite locked in yet. Tom Rothman also said they are interested in making a sequel to Chronicle, if the story is right.

"We like that movie. That movie was fun, and obviously it was a big success for us, but it was cool. It had honesty and integrity to it, so we won't just make a sequel to make one. We have to have an equally good take on the sequel."

The Fox president also confirmed a report from earlier this month that the

X-Men: First Class Sequel will start shooting in January, and added they are aiming for either a Christmas 2013 release or a Summer 2014 release.

"We're going to start January 2013, either for Christmas 2013 or Summer 2014. The script is in development now. (Director) Matthew (Vaughn), his writing partner Jane Goldman, and Simon Kinberg are all working on it now."