SciFi Wire reports that Warner Bros. producer, Joel Silver, is after Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer, Joss Whedon, to write and direct a proposed adaptation of Wonder Woman.

"I'm trying," Silver said in an interview at WonderCon in San Francisco on Feb. 19. "I'm trying to work a deal with Joss. ... I was just in the other room [where Whedon was talking about his upcoming SF movie, Serenity]. I don't know if I could work that out. It's a complicated deal to do, but I would love him to do it. It would be great if he could do it." RELATED: Wonder Woman 3 Producer Says Ideas Are Starting to Come Together

Silver (the Matrix films and the upcoming House of Wax) said that Whedon, an avowed comic fanatic and current author of Marvel's Astonishing X-Men series, came to him with a new twist on the venerable character. "It's just a great, legendary comic-book hero, and it's one that has never been kind of brought back to life after Lynda Carter [who starred in the 1970s Wonder Woman TV series]. I mean, it's a reinvention. ... Tim Burton reinvented Batman after Adam West, and ... [director Richard] Donner reinvented Superman after George Reeves. It's time to do that to Wonder Woman. It's a thing that could be great if it's done great. ... The idea is to try to find a way to make it, and I thought Joss has a great idea, because he understands a kind of female superhero character, and also he's great at what he does. So I'm trying to find the best way to do it. ... We're working our way through it."