When Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters next weekend, it will be director Joss Whedon's last Marvel movie for quite some time, since the filmmaker has stated before that he wants to take a bit of a break from the MCU. Long before he helped build the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the box office behemoth it is today, the filmmaker was actually set to make a Wonder Woman movie for DC back in 2005. With his future at Marvel in doubt, the director was asked in a new interview if he would consider making a movie for DC Comics, stating he "desperately" wanted to make a Batman movie

"Sure. I'd be like 'I have all these joke ideas.' And they'd be like 'No, we don't do that here.' I desperately wanted to do a Batman film - who doesn't? And I wanted to do Wonder Woman. I was a Marvel kid growing up, but I was always DC-curious. And I see myself on the spectrum in between."

Of course, Batman will return to the big screen in next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will also introduce Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman before her stand alone movie hits theaters in 2017. Patty Jenkins recently signed on to direct the Wonder Woman movie, which Joss Whedon reveals he will definitely see it when the movie hits theaters in two years' time.

"I don't care who she's seeing now. We don't talk much. And I wish her well! I worked really hard on that movie and it meant a lot, but I don't know if what I was trying to do would fit in with what their vision is. I'm excited to see it so I just want them to make it so I can see it!"

Would you be disappointed if Joss Whedon switched over to the DC Comics universe after his time at Marvel? The director has not announced which movie he will direct next, so it's completely possible that he could direct one of Warner Bros.' DC adaptations. Let us know what you think below, and stay tuned for more updates.