The Sydney Morning Herald recently spoke with The Avengers's director Joss Whedon and discussed working on the project, and everything else that goes along with creating a film that combines so many beloved Marvel characters.

"Right now I'm working on a movie that's got enormous stipulations and is going to be changing and fluid every second. I've come up with dozens of scenes and lines and exchanges and monologues that I adore that are not going to be in it," Whedon says of The Avengers. "But while I'm writing them they feed me, excite me and they ultimately inform the character. It all goes in."
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Whedon was also very candid regarding the fact that expectations are very high for this film.

"I have always felt, my whole life, that everything could be taken away at any second. It has actually been a huge problem for me that I know that," Whedon says. "I certainly will do everything in my power not to have that happen, everything in my power to make it good. That's my power, that's all I've got. All I can do is make it good enough for somebody to see it twice."
Evan Jacobs at Movieweb
Evan Jacobs