Joss Whedon has left the production of Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. Pictures and Silver Pictures.

That comes after the news of Joel Silver picking up a new spec script by Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland. The Hollywood Reporter says Joss addressed the situation on a post on a website:

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"We just saw different movies, and at the price range this kind of movie hangs in, that's never gonna work; non-sympatico, it happens all the time. I don't think any of us expected it to this time, but it did. Everybody knows how long I was taking, what a struggle that script was, and though I felt good about what I was coming up with, it was never gonna be a simple slam-dunk. I like to think it rolled around the rim a little bit, but others may have differing views."

Whedon's take on the Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman was set in the present; in contrast, Jennison and Strickland's script is set during World War II, the era when the character was created. However, sources said that Silver and the studio are not interested in making a period picture.

Wonder Woman is scheduled for release later this year; that is most likely going to change.