Although he has a new TV show currently in production, that hasn't stopped Joss Whedon from pulling the trigger on another movie deal. According to MTV Movies Blog, Whedon is moving forward with a new film project entitled A Cabin in the Woods.

Whedon, who's new series Dollhouse will premiere on Fox next January, co-wrote the project with Drew Goddard, who used to write for Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also penned Cloverfield.

"It's genius, it's funny," said Goddard about the film. "It's got a harder and darker edge, but it's also got classic Whedon qualities. It'll rip your heart out and be heartfelt at the same time." He also added, "There's a reason the title is so straightforward. It's its own sub-genre, the cabin in the woods, and this is sort of our take on it. It's fresh and new."

Whedon's script Goners was in development at Universal but Whedon told the site that the film, "has gotten backburnered." He added, "I still have hope for it, though."

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