Warner Bros. is lining up a sequel to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, bringing back director Brad Peyton and screenwriters Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn for Journey 3.

No story details were given, but it is said that this sequel has been placed on the fast track, with the studio aiming for a 2014 release. Like Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Journey 3 will also be a 3D family adventure, although no deals have been signed yet for any returning cast members.

Here's what director Brad Peyton had to say about expanding this franchise, which is based on the novels of Jules Verne.

"I grew up a fan of Verne, so I know a lot about the mythologies. Mysterious Island was one of eight or nine really seminal works. I know we've just scratched the surface of what we can do. This one's going to be a lot bigger. We're going to go to a completely different world. It's just going to be a bigger experience and we're going to grow the mythology. Journey 2 was about rebooting a franchise. Now it's about making the seminal work in the franchise."

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has taken in over $270 million worldwide, with over $85 million of that tally coming from the domestic box office.